The Helpful Triangle 🔼

👋🏾 this is how I take notes, it’s a process of practicing/understanding cosmic triangulation 🔺it’s you, your need and the help that meets that true need, when seated in your innocent mind and sincerity ⚠️ •yum yum stretch welcomes you tomorrow 10a @floorpolish • $10 drop in OR bring your floor polish punch card 🔖

summer stillness

happy summer greetings from the mobile Yum Yum lab.  I am doing some traveling at the moment, and as I move, I am reminded of the friendly stillness.  It seems far too easy to get swept up in the momentum, and when you can take some room to explore the adventure deep inside yourself, then you always have your compass at the ready, as my good friend Kim reminds me.  So feel for the expressive movement in your body, thru music, with weather, and get sweaty! Then, enjoy yourself in the reflective space of a your meditation.

Class will meet again Sunday, July 16 @ floor polish

Happy Monsoons,


The Lake as receptivity

The Way of the Lake: open, spacious, receptive like our dark minds. Lay down your struggle and give it to the Lake Helpers ➕➕➕
Exploring this and all things liquid in summer camp Yum Yum 💦

Sunday, June 4, 10a @floorpolish 

investing in integrity futures

“Look at yourself, shift your gaze from everything around you and direct it to your interior. This is the first request that philosophy makes to his apprentice. You are not going to talk about anything outside of you, but only of yourself “.

– Johann Fichte

I Ching Inner Journey Workshop 

w Kim Young

Sunday, May 28 9:30-11:30a

@floorpolish fee: $15

meet yourself 

You are not the same person you were last year🌀 so is the way of Yum: Meet yourself and treat yourself to a fresh perspective : Summer camp is 🔛

Class meets Sunday, May 21 @floorpolish 

10am 🆗❕

Exploring the Inner No

hi 👋🏾 this a picture of the bagua, used in feng shui, also described as our DNA, our wholeness and a picture of consciousness. It reminds me of a bad ass shield of protection i.e. boundaries. We will explore this by practicing the Inner No that is said to harmful thoughts in ourselves and others. The Inner No communicates on the inner plane, outside the notice of the ego. This is part of our on-going super power series. 

Class meets tomorrow, Sunday May 14 @floorpolish 10a-11:15

Happy Mother’s Day ☸️

We are born whole

Thank you Kim for an excellent class last week. We will practice some of what you shared this week!

“consciousness is biological- the ego is computational, where there is no lack there is no ego” -notes from Kim’s I Ching class. We will explore our wholeness b-w-o our dark mind, like the reflective moon, and the fire of our imaging consciousness that lights up our imagination 🌑💡

The way of Yum: Sunday, May 7

10a @floorpolish

Our super powers as Cosmic gifts 

Kim joins us for another I Ching class of our on- going inner journey series :

“We are going to explore the topic of our cosmic gifts (Hexagram 14)” aka our super powers !!

Sunday April 30, 10am at Floor Polish 

*original art by Kim Young 

Feeling Manager 

Yum Yum Stretch 💡🌚

Meeting Our Feeling Manager: this helper coordinates our psyche and body through harmonizing our heart beat with that of all other aspects of Nature, and through regulating our blood pressure, our lymph system, and the production of hormones, etc.

(The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching)

*Kim will join us Sunday, April 30 to continue the I Ching inner journey series!