We are born whole

Thank you Kim for an excellent class last week. We will practice some of what you shared this week!

“consciousness is biological- the ego is computational, where there is no lack there is no ego” -notes from Kim’s I Ching class. We will explore our wholeness b-w-o our dark mind, like the reflective moon, and the fire of our imaging consciousness that lights up our imagination 🌑💡

The way of Yum: Sunday, May 7

10a @floorpolish

Our super powers as Cosmic gifts 

Kim joins us for another I Ching class of our on- going inner journey series :

“We are going to explore the topic of our cosmic gifts (Hexagram 14)” aka our super powers !!

Sunday April 30, 10am at Floor Polish 

*original art by Kim Young 

Feeling Manager 

Yum Yum Stretch 💡🌚

Meeting Our Feeling Manager: this helper coordinates our psyche and body through harmonizing our heart beat with that of all other aspects of Nature, and through regulating our blood pressure, our lymph system, and the production of hormones, etc.

(The Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching)

*Kim will join us Sunday, April 30 to continue the I Ching inner journey series!


Regular Yum meets tomorrow March 26 at 10a. We will continue our mind cleanse and liquidity practice. Kim’s mini I Ching series will pick up next Sunday, April 2! 💦

Cleaning house 

in class Sunday, March 19:

 inner house cleaning 💦🏠yum yum moves 

a la 🍯caramel pelvic bowl rolls/ masa bootie pats/ and 🌊stream fed spinal twists. Ending class with our mind cleansing meditation 🌑
Let’s clean house‼️ 🌬💦🍋

 10a @floorpolish

First mini workshop was a success🌟

Kim introduced the following:

🔊the bagua- as a picture of consciousness itself and represented in your DNA

👣 the tao- as being practiced and practical in everyday life

🌈 the trigrams- are an expression of what it means to take the inner journey where you meet your personal Helpers

👩🏽‍🚀 a 20min. meditation- to still the body, relieve the mind of its thinking tasks, to let go of trying and figuring it out. You head to the trail head and find the sage where it wants to meet you.

Thank you Kim, this was so excellent and helpful. I will be using the meditation from Kim’s workshop in Yum Yum where we will continue our practice of meeting the sage and sitting inside our inner truth

find Kim here