one year later

Greetings from the pines of the mogollon rim! In the past year I moved up to Payson, AZ,  to explore new territory inside and out.  What I didn’t realize was how quiet and spacious I’d have to get to follow the clues back inside myself.  What I mean is that leaving the city offered me a new pace to slow down, to experiment, to dream, walk and be in a new landscape.  This has become it’s own classroom, an outdoor surprise everyday.  I’m drawing inspiration from the environment up here, and yum yum stretch, while still on hiatus, may return in an unexpected way.  Until then, please enjoy this video from Noah Slee, stay in your flow, have a beer with your friends and meditate, help here 🌊🍻🧘🏽‍♀️

That’s a wrap!

Yum Yum Stretch finished it’s last class for the year. I am venturing into new territory by way of a river trip down the Grand Canyon.  It’s a new way of learning more about myself and where I’m headed. I wish you all a safe and happy rest of the fall and into winter! Thank you for the wonderful support you have showed me 💓

PSA no class 9/10, 9/17

Hello! Class update :
No Yum Yum Stretch next 2 Sundays- Sept. 10, 17. I’m in workshop this weekend unwinding the belly 🌀and next week I’m out in the field of NM. Class meets again Sunday Sept. 24 ❤️ until then: you can practice your liquidity aka releasing rigidity in a miriad of your everyday adventures. Good luck 🔑 see you in a few weeks 🎁

“The heart is the origin of our bodies nourishment”

❤️ Thanks to Kim’s excellent class last week and for another way in to understanding our hearts. To preface, she shared, “the heart is the origin of our bodies nourishment, it’s the first organ in our development that provides all other nourishment for the growth of our bodies, and it’s the very beginning of your form, you were intrinsically a beat before anything else.”

We will do some movement, explore the heart and wrap with a personal heart meditation.

Yum Yum Stretch • Sunday Sept. 3, 10a @floorpolish • $10 drop in or Floor Polish punchcard!
*original artwork by Liam, heart and water

i ching class Sunday Aug. 27, 2017

“Neural forms are naturally elegant and spontaneous, characteristics that also describe the more traditional forms of Asian sumi-e painting- branches, grasses, etc. All that is required to connect the dots is the realization that you need to crank down your awareness to the micron scale to see that nature has very similar forms across different scales […]

via class this sunday – 8/27/017 — notes from an inner journey with the i ching


thank you kim X

Lay down your struggle

I mean I’m down w the sentiment of yogi tea but overall I need to square off with my own terrorized mind and find a way and a place to dump all the negatives. Come lay down your struggle and get real with your true feelings. Your inner vision awaits you        


Yum Yum Stretch meets Sunday, Aug 20 @floorpolish 10a. $10 drop in or bring your floorpolish punch card 🔖

Sometimes Helpers are anonymous 

The unexpected surprise of a someone’s work on a watercolor pad found at the thrift. Stay open to the unexpected surprises that join our life i.e. The Help that hides in plain sight.

 Yum Yum Stretch: Sunday Aug 13 • 10a @floorpolish

Another way I take notes-  examples of the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching as magnets on my dryer thanks to a friends’ ingenuity years ago 💫 Part of the Help desk/star date/captains log series. How do you work with your problems? I need reminders of how the shape of my ?’s and obstacles turn into domestic practice. i.e. The Inner heart and house cleaning for all aspects of your life. 🌬🎶

The way is which we will practice this is through a small opening meditation to begin class, followed by stretch and movement to calm down our minds and open our bodies, a short written exercise that Kim  has shared with us, and end class with a longer heart cleansing meditation.

Yum Yum Stretch meets tomorrow Aug. 6 @floorpolish 10am $10 or bring your FP punch card