The Way of Yum


hi! im jaime, thanks for visiting, here is what I’m doing ……

The class I offer is a type of restorative yoga/stretch class with an emphasis on meditation. I designed this class based on my massage practice and client’s therapeutic needs. However, I recognized something of a void with the proliferation of all the power yoga, vinyasa, hot yoga, cross fit and other intensely energetic and demanding fitness courses in the last decade. My program developed out of that need for a more gentle, healing and deeply intuitive kind of exercise. I call it Yum Yum Stretch and have been developing and teaching this method over the past 4 years.  Classes are for everyone (beginner level) generally an hour long and we spend the first 35 to 40 minutes in stretching and releasing the body’s tensions as a way of preparing for a 20 minute meditation and inner healing exercise.



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