Exploring the Inner No

hi 👋🏾 this a picture of the bagua, used in feng shui, also described as our DNA, our wholeness and a picture of consciousness. It reminds me of a bad ass shield of protection i.e. boundaries. We will explore this by practicing the Inner No that is said to harmful thoughts in ourselves and others. The Inner No communicates on the inner plane, outside the notice of the ego. This is part of our on-going super power series. 

Class meets tomorrow, Sunday May 14 @floorpolish 10a-11:15

Happy Mother’s Day ☸️

One thought on “Exploring the Inner No

  1. kim says:

    Nice posts jaime! ..( ps . it’s not the human DNA … but maybe we could view it as a version of cosmic DNA – in the metaphorical sense. Or maybe just as the underlying beauty of the Cosmos. )

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