A new opportunity: Yum Yum Stretch at METRO

I have been handed the wonderful opportunity of teaching some on-going Yum Yum Stretch with

the lovely people at METRO here in Tucson.  METRO is a youth opportunity program to assist young adults in transitioning

to become more self-sufficient.  I was struck by this as a metaphor for all of us, we all need help knowing ourselves more.

When my friend and case manager, Tara, approached me about bringing Yum Yum Stretch to METRO, I was both excited and a bit unsure, who would come? would this be a good fit?

As I sat with my concerns, I was easily guided to realize that by being myself was enough to do this.  That has stayed with me as a friendly reminder that the more I unload the pangs of “I should,”  and “do more, try harder,”  I am freed up of all that is NOT me, and I return to the delight of the real me 🙂

I have taught 2 classes with METRO now and I was astonished and relieved by its warm reception.  The people I worked with were patient, cooperative and inquisitive.  I could feel for the place that a stretch class and inner self knowledge practice can help young adults.

The wealth of help that exists in our lives is often overshadowed with the cultural problem of effort, that one must try harder to succeed.  My personal experiences  have revealed that it’s a matter of removing the false framework that we’ve been conditioned to believe.   It’s the inverse of trying harder, an inner aerobics of sorts, based on the standard that by listening to your body and letting your mind rest, natural insights and help can come to you.  It’s relational by means of your sincerity, plain and simple.

Thank you wonderful new friends at METRO, it is a true gift to get to learn more with you.


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