Summer Camp and some gifts from the salty sea….

Hello! Happy mid way through summer. I have had the pleasure of some fabulous summer travel.  It’s felt like mobile summer camp, traveling  through the very hot and very friendly valley of the sun, up into the fragrant pine forest of Pine, AZ., over to my hometown of Prescott, AZ. and then most recently a longer stay in land of ocean and redwoods, northern CA.  What I realized on my journey was that no matter where I was, I had access to a sense of deep comfort, an inner compass of sorts.  If I didn’t feel comfortable, I needed to stop what I was doing and take some moments to center myself.  A simple centering meditation worked wonders.  And by closing my eyes and breathing in my surroundings my body and mind could find each other again. 

Here is a small playlist I put together and some photos of my travels.   I used my phone to record the sound of the waves on Stinson Beach.  Since I live in the desert, the sound of water is a very valuable thing.  

photo 1        photo 2

photo 3        photo 4

photo 3        photo 1



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