Camp Dreamtree

Here are some pictures of Camp Dreamtree, a wonderful installation my friends in Phx have created.  We held a story telling a few weeks ago, you may enjoy checking it out!

The Dream Scout pledge:

“I pledge on my honor to be kind, present and to hold high respect for wonder

I will remember that I am small but part of the whole”

Camp Dreamtree

Story Telling at Camp Dreamtree


photo 1                         photo 2


photo 3                        photo 4


With receptivity we can meet before meeting

photo 4

A gift from Anna. She came to Yum Yum Stretch with her parents who were taking my class. Afterwards she gave this to me and said she had heard my voice in a dream, before we had even met. She said she could hear me talking about receptivity in her dream,  and her receptivity allowed for us to meet before meeting.   Having access to your innocence will bring you in touch with the deepest parts of yourself. She helped me realize this and I had the feeling that this class was again gifting me all sorts of glimpses of how to relate to myself and my life.

Thank you Anna 🙂


Free to Be You!

Hooray, you get to be you, and isn’t’ that wonderful!

a). No pressure: you are not performing for anyone, you are taking care of yourself

b). No hurry as you are constantly learning new things about your life

c.) it’s all about you and your feelings!