First mini workshop was a success🌟

Kim introduced the following:

🔊the bagua- as a picture of consciousness itself and represented in your DNA

👣 the tao- as being practiced and practical in everyday life

🌈 the trigrams- are an expression of what it means to take the inner journey where you meet your personal Helpers

👩🏽‍🚀 a 20min. meditation- to still the body, relieve the mind of its thinking tasks, to let go of trying and figuring it out. You head to the trail head and find the sage where it wants to meet you.

Thank you Kim, this was so excellent and helpful. I will be using the meditation from Kim’s workshop in Yum Yum where we will continue our practice of meeting the sage and sitting inside our inner truth

find Kim here


5 thoughts on “First mini workshop was a success🌟

  1. Megan Dean says:

    This sounds so cool! I encourage Kim to come to Prescott for a similar class, I am happy to help with anything I can do!!!

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